Drinking to combat boredom can be problematic, but you can prevent long-term consequences if you identify it early. Many people use alcoholic beverages how to taper off alcohol to enhance experiences. Drinking at concerts, sporting events, and dinner can, as one casual drinker put it, transform a situation into a moment.

Unstructured time leads to unpredictable behaviors, which are problematic in recovery.

How Do You Know if You Need Residential Treatment for Addiction?

Get regular physical activity, if you’re able. Try hiking, cycling, dancing, or roller-skating for enjoyable ways to stay active. Feeling at your best physically can boost resilience and emotional strength, equipping you to weather challenges that trigger the desire to drink. Instead of taking a drink to calm anxiety, try affirmations, deep breathing, or meditation.

Of course, stressful situations are also relapse triggers, but during treatment, alcoholics can learn how they can deal with these problems before it becomes a relapse. It’s easy to underestimate how much you’re consuming, especially during the pandemic where you may be drinking at home. Writing down how much and how often you’re drinking can raise your awareness. Start keeping a log to help you see how much you’re consuming every day. The problem is that drinking never took over my life in that way.

Tips On How To Quit Drinking | Overcoming Boredom

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that alcohol and other substances can worsen anxiety symptoms. About 20% of Americans with an anxiety or mood disorder such as depression have an alcohol or other substance use disorder. Recovery is hard work, but we think you’ll find it’s well worth https://forexdata.info/should-you-go-back-to-rehab-after-a-relapse/ it. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation. Boredom and stress are two emotions that can feel as if they are never going to leave. However, as the saying goes, this too shall pass. Valuing and prioritizing yourself in recovery can be a powerful way to remove the hold alcohol has on you.

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