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The Nikon D series has long been a good choice for photographers who wanted a very capable compact DSLR that offer a higher level of enthusiast features than the D series that sits below it. Nikon’s latest model – the D – continues that trend, though the differences between it and the D that came before it aren’t enormous.

The D , introduced in the fall of , impressed us with its image quality, flip-out LCD, and feature set. We were less enthused about its menu system and live view performance.

So what’s changed? In brief, the D has a smaller and lighter body with an improved grip, a faster processor, touch-enabled LCD, ‘flat’ picture control, and built-in Wi-Fi. We’ll see later if the company addressed some of the issues that we encountered with the D To say the D sits in a crowded field is an understatement.

The D appears to use the same The D also features Nikon’s latest Expeed 4 image processing engine. The design of the D has changed for the better. It uses what is known as a monocoque design which allows the body to be a single unit that also ‘increases durability without weighing it down’, according to Nikon.

Indeed, the camera is very light and compact – even more than the D The grip is also much deeper than on the D, making it a whole lot easier to hold onto. Nikon has also added touch functionality to the already-nice 3. Something has disappeared though, and that’s the built-in GPS that was featured on the D It’s probably a safe bet that Nikon is assuming that people will use their smartphone app to handle geotagging on the D As you can see, the D is an upgrade in every respect, save for the lack of a GPS, though we wonder how often that feature is used in general.

The size of the grip is better than what’s found on Nikon’s more expensive D While the LCD itself hasn’t changed, the addition of touch functionality makes the somewhat frustrating shortcut menu easier to use. One addition that many won’t even notice is an eye sensor, which will turn off the LCD when you put your eye to the optical viewfinder.

The D is available in three kits in most regions. Adding the collapsible mm F3. Everyone advises to buy the best camera you can afford, but I need an honest objective opinion on the D for my goals. Is it not enough for the long term?

Is it user friendly for beginners? Also, heard great things about Canon SL3 but its been impossible to find one. I check only refurbished cameras from reputable stores. Is there a camera I might be missing? Id love some input!

Point of clarification: With the D did Nikon finally address the infamous “must exit and reenter LiveView to change aperture”? The wording of the review implies you can now change aperture while in LiveView though still not while a video is being recorded.

Count how many times the author says “while He sure does like using the word “while” a lot. I wonder why this shutter shock thing does not seem to withhold people from buying this camera.

For me it certainly is a dealbreaker. The expectation that the best of sharpness in my foto’s will be ruined, takes away my buying fun. But maybe I’m taking the review too seriously Please help with a sincere opinion. My right eye is suffering of cataracts, an I am using now all the time glasses correcting a They also react to the light becoming darker outside.

Without glasses I will see badly through the optical viewfinder. With glasses I may have difficulties because the eye is not close enough to the rubber, not to mention that the autofocus points may not be “focused” by my glasses, being so close to the lens. Shortly, how do you use it? Assuming that at least a fourth of the world’s population has more or less, the same problem Would a viewfinder of a competitor in the same class, Rebel, G85, act much-much better then Nikon’s?

The viewfinder on DSLRs can generally be corrected for glasses.. The bigger difference in viewfinder is if the camera uses a Pentamirror or a Pentaprism.

You want the Pentaprism as it is brighter. Many of the cheaper, low end crop bodies use a Pentamirror such as this D Pentax cameras adopt a Pentaprism in even the lower end bodies though produced today.

I’m not sure about Canon. Two weeks ago I sold my Samsung NX30, because I coundn’t find an external flahs for it and because Samsung has abandoned this line production. For replacing it, I got the Nikon D I really expected more for such branded camera.

I really hope the images are better than NX30 although the chart where we can compare various models in this review shows a significant worse image quality compared to NX I’m very concerning about my decision Let’s see in more details: – the butons and controls: NX30 has a higher and to me, rotating control on top, also, has one key for the modes of braket, timer and single shot; – the mode selector has some shortcuts to WiFi real wi-fi, not the Nikon’s joke , scene modes with the great Portrait retouch mode ; – the pop-up flash has radio control by wirelless – unfortunately, it works very well on Samsung proprietaru flash ; – the EVF is almost perfect for ultra light situations and you see what the camera is capturing.

All – ALL – informations on display are on EVF; Nikon has a mirror and this makes all difference, cutting any image or info when shooting; the only poblem with NX30 evf is the frame rate when making movies For killing the Nikon ovf, nx30 is protuding, which is the most for pictures or movies!

Continuing: The controls on backs in Nikon are just keys. NX30 has also a rotating control; The display on Nikon is bigger, but Samsung is Super Amoled, very visible; The lenses: although in less number of options, they are the most one can need for simple occasions.

I had the mm – motorized in focus and zoom does Nikon has any affordable priced lens with motorized zoom? D has better low light performance according to DxOMark.

After about 5 months i don’t feel good with this camera. I can say everything is good except AF accuracy. Anyone know the model number of the Sony IMX sensor in the d? It is very impressive and has caused me to retire my d except as a backup camera.

I bought one too. I had the opportunity to try the D against the D, and D Canon Competition, and came away with this camera the D as my choice.

Mostly for the video. Not in a super hurry for 4K quite yet since most of my friends have p tech, as do I. The thing that so impressed me was the balance, low weight, excellent touch screen interface, and solid image quality.

I want the flat profile to take advantage of the D’s wide dynamic range. I may get the D some day, or the D, but so far, I am not really in a hurry to do so.

I bought it today from internet. At ISO grains or noise are not noticeable. I like it because i usually shoot at a small room lit by 1 small white bulb. I tested with a mm NVR plus as small amount of built in flash.

It is much lighter compared to my D, grip is very good and viewfinder is OK to me. Sorry i can’t compare to high end which i have not used.

I have been using Nikon D for past 7 months. Viewfinder gets completely washed out if sun is too bright. Anyone else having this problem? I can’t see a way to adjust brightest of readings in viewfinder. Local camera shop had no clue. Nikon hasn’t answered my question about it either. Is this unique to me? They’re all too close and too varying conditions Really. I am not much into video , So does the price difference between D and D is really worth it.

Also what do you think of buying D over D as I dont think touch screen is useful for me. It’s not much different, but enough for me to chose the d over the d A far superior option would be the d refurb. It has many more features to grow into for just a little more size and weight.

They do Not have the flip out screen! I have a flip screen on my d, but rarely use it, and need it even less. The bodies that offer motor drive af and metering for non af lenses open up a ton of options for you in the used lens market. Lots of great glass available for cheap.


Nikon capture nx2 replacement free


If you still use any of these products, downloading them now as a backup is probably a good idea. Nikon encourages customers to use the new NX Studio image processing application which is available free of charge:.

We apologize спасибо default folder x deutsch free это the inconvenience the discontinuation of these applications may cause, and thank you for your understanding. For more information regarding this matter, please contact cqpture nearest Nikon Customer Support Center.

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Nikon capture nx2 replacement free


If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page. Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. They instead suggest that users download the latest version of NX Studio.

The removal of access to the downloads seems to be just a formality as the Nikon UK website already lists all four apps as being discontinued. And while Nikon UK lists them all as discontinued, the files are still currently available for download. Probably not for long, though, as it appears the removal will be global. Nikon Europe also made a similar statement with regard to removing downloads.

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Compatible With. Learn more about the D Archived. Learn more about the Nikon 1 J5 Archived. Learn more about the D4S Archived. Learn more about the DE Archived.

Learn more about the D4 Archived. Learn more about the D90 Archived. Learn more about the D3 Archived. Learn more about the D3X Archived. Learn more about the DS Archived. Learn more about the D3S Archived. Not being a tekkie of sorts, so far I don’t like it at all. I knew my way around NX2 and can’t find out how to do certain things as simple as brighten specific areas of an image, like an underexposed face, or darken the sky, etc.. I have downloaded the instruction manual but find it overly complicated and hard to follow.

Any further suggestions as to good reference material would be appreciated. I still have Capture NX2 on my computer even though Nikon stopped updating it because it’s a great editor and it supports my D90 and D I’ve been going into Help in NX-D to figure things out. And, searching for a suitable software was not easy matter.

Lucky you, on this page you can find the best replacement app for Capture NX-D. So what you are waiting for, get the latest Capture NX-D alternative app for Windows 10 from this page. And now, this app updated to the latest version. Before you read the Capture NX-D Similar software reviews, please feel free to get an attention of this application details information. Once the. NEF or.


Top 23 free alternatives to Nikon Capture NX for Windows


NX-D works fine in Catalina on my imac It has control points. F Forum M My threads. Latest sample galleries. DJI Mini 3 sample gallery.

Nikon Z30 Sample Gallery. Canon RF mm F1. See more galleries ». Latest in-depth reviews. Read more reviews ». Latest buying guides. Best cameras for videographers in The best cameras for family and friends photos in Best affordable cameras for sports and action in Check out more buying guides ».

Fujifilm X-T5 initial review. Sony a7R V initial review. Sony a7R V. Discover more challenges ». Sony a7R V 4. The removal of access to the downloads seems to be just a formality as the Nikon UK website already lists all four apps as being discontinued.

And while Nikon UK lists them all as discontinued, the files are still currently available for download. Probably not for long, though, as it appears the removal will be global. Nikon Europe also made a similar statement with regard to removing downloads. For right now, though, if you do want to grab those installation files before the opportunity disappears, here are some links…. John Aldred is based in Scotland and photographs people in the wild and animals in the studio.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice. Nikon releases NX Studio, a new software that enables the seamless viewing and editing of still images and video March 4, I’ve been going into Help in NX-D to figure things out. Haven’t found a good guide for it. Blue Tick, I updated my NX2 to version 2.

I’ll work on learning and trying more things later! I’m running on Windoz 7 Pro. NX Studio will be updated continually, ensuring support for the viewing, processing, and editing of images. The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.

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