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Windows Spotlight is an option for the lock screen background that displays different background images on the lock screen. Learn how to personalize a Windows lock screen with a background photo, slideshow, The Windows spotlight image should appear on the lock screen. How to Download Windows 10 Spotlight/Lock Screen Images The first step is to find all the stored images on your Windows 10 system. Click on “open download location” to show the downloaded pictures in File Explorer. You will find them under C:\users\[your_username]\Pictures\SpotBright by. Spotlight Wallpapers is a free Windows app you can use to find and download lock screen photos. If you want to find out where a Spotlight photo was taken, you.❿


Windows 10 Spotlight Images


Select the list for Personalize your lock screen , then do one of the following:. Select Windows spotlight for beautiful photography that displays automatically. Windows Spotlight updates daily with images from around the globe, and it also shows tips and tricks for getting the most out of Windows. Note: If you don’t see this option, it might be because it’s managed by your organization. Check with your system administrator for more info.

Select Picture , then select a recent image, or select Browse photos , select the photo you want to use, and select Choose picture. Select Slideshow , then select Browse , select the folder you want to use, and select Choose this folder. Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram , Twitter , and YouTube. View all posts by Sergey Tkachenko.

Thank you very much! Coming from a person who is new to Windows 10 less than a month and is in awe with the pictures on spotlight! Saves me all the time getting these and changing them to jpg.

Love the spotlight pics. Its a great refreshing time for while your at work to be transported to somewhere else. Loving all the nice pictures that Windows Spotlight gives. Very cool article. Love Spotlight, but see no point for a lock screen on the desktop, so I always disable it, and go straight to the login screen.

Thanks for this!!! Thx, fabulous tip. In that case, simply type CMD in the address bar at the top of the window and hit enter. Same result. I use dailypic to automatically save my WP lock screen pic every day.

Cool Beans as they say. Hi You can use this portable and tiny program to save spotlight images: Download. Excellent instructions, I always wanted to save these pictures, now I know how to. Thanks a lot!!! Plz I really need help. By accident I didn’t copy the pictures and put them in a different folder.

I started by changing them so now I don’t have the old files and now when I’m in the lockscreen, I can’t see those pictures I need help please!!!!!!!!! I also need some advice, please. First let me thank those responsible for this tip. I followed it successfully on my desktop but when doing it to a second PC, I cut rather than copied. Tried to reset the feature in Personalization with restarts to be sure tat these changes were recognized.

Still no luck. Can anyone advise me on how to restore this feature? Edit: Accidental double post. I recently created an application called “Spotlight Wallpaper” that makes it really easy to use the Windows Spotlight images as your wallpaper.

It simply copies all new full-hd Spotlight images to a folder just like in this guide and will then at random pick one of these and assign it as your new desktop wallpaper. Hope you like it! Thanks a zillion. This is fantastic, thank you so much. Thank You! Great answer!

I’m not getting any open compatabulity option in my laptop so kindly help me. Thanks very helpfull. Excellent Article!!! In order to get the correct images, while on the View tab, select Details. Use the Sort by button to sort files by Size. All of these unknown files are actually JPEG files, but many of them are not part of the Spotlight feature. You want to select only the large files those files that are KB or larger, right-click the selection and click Copy.

Create a folder on your Pictures folder or in another location and name it Spotlight images or anything. Inside the folder, right-click and select Paste. On File Explorer, click File.

Click Open command prompt As Administrator. The Windows 10 Spotlight Images site has more than 2, Spotlight images archived, and more get added daily, making it a great option for users who want to download Spotlight images without having to do the work themselves.

You can disable the Windows Spotlight Lockscreen by following the steps above and selecting a different background. Select Picture or Slideshow.

You can add or remove your emails, calendar, and more. In addition to providing the path to the lock screen image, administrators can choose to allow or Turn off fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on lock screen. If the checkbox isn’t selected, users will see the lock screen image that is defined in the policy setting, and will also see occasional messages.

A concern with custom lock screen images is how they’ll appear on different screen sizes and resolutions. A custom lock screen image created in aspect ratio x will scale properly on devices using a resolution, such as x or x On devices using other aspect ratios, such as x or x , height scales correctly and width is cropped to a size equal to the aspect ratio.


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