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Get ready for the best in the class rummy gaming experience at Rummy OP. You are just three steps away to kickstart your rummy journey with us:

Types of Games

Rummy OP offers a variety of rummy variants to keep you engaged in the game. Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy are among our most popular versions.

Points Rummy is the quickest variant of Rummy, with each game lasting only one deal. Following each game, the winner receives the chips from the other players based on the count and point value.These games not only need a high degree of ability, but they also produce a great deal of excitement. Players can play and win a large number of games in a short amount of time. The number of players might range between 2 and 6. The value of the point might be low, medium, or high. For Points Rummy, Rummy OP Rummy provides a variety of point values ranging from 0.05 to 125. At the end of each game, Number of Chips added to Winner = [Sum of Counts of other players X point value] - Rummy OP's Commission.

Pool rummy games are played between 2-6 people, and the goal for each game is to keep the score as low as possible. If the total score hits or exceeds 101/201, the player is eliminated, and the game is won by the last person standing. Pool Rummy is probably one of the more difficult rummy versions, but it is also a lot of fun to play. Sharpen your rummy abilities by playing 101 or 201 pool rummy. At the end of each game, Number of Chips added to Winner = Total Winning amount - Rummy OP's commission.

Deals Rummy is an interesting version of 13-card Rummy in which you play for a certain number of given hands. To play Deals Rummy, each player is given a set quantity of chips. The winner of each deal collects the chips from the losers. At the completion of all deals, the player with the most chips is declared the winner. At the end of each game, Number of Chips added to Winner = Total Winning amount - Rummy OP's commission.


Rummy OP makes it incredibly simple to play online rummy. All you have to do is sign up for our app. This should just take a few seconds, and then you’re ready to play rummy.

To ensure the security of our platform. We require all participants to provide their contact information, including phone, email, and document verification. We adhere to all data security procedures, and your information is never shared with other parties.

Cash may be added via a credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPI. You may also add funds using wallets such as Paytm or Mobikwik. On our platform, we provide fantastic deposit incentives. So, make sure to apply coupons when adding cash to your account.

A registration bonus will be instantly applied to your game the moment you check in to the Rummy OP app. In addition, if you make a deposit, you can earn an extra bonus of up to Rs.12,000.

You may use the signup bonus to play cash games, or you can head to the practice section and play free games.

Certainly! RummyOP is an SSL-secured site that assures the safety and security of your money, data, and identity.

Yes, we do have a customer service team. For your convenience and prompt resolution of any concerns. We offer client care via Whatsapp. You can contact us seven days a week, and we will be available to assist you.

If you win a rummy cash game, your earnings will be credited to your RummyOP account immediately. You can withdraw the money as soon as it is in your RummyOP account. There are no hidden fees or any special requirements.

There is no upper limit. You are free to play as many cash rummy games as you like.

In such a scenario, please contact our customer service staff as soon as possible, and we will assist you.

If your KYC is being refused, double-check that you have provided all of the identical information as on your document. Take a clean photograph on a flat surface with correct picture cropping. If your document is still denied after taking all required precautions. Please contact customer service and describe your issue.

You may recommend a friend by using the “invite” feature in the Rummy OP (top right corner) app lobby. The Invite section explains all of the referral criteria and processes.

If your problem does not fit into any of the aforementioned categories. Please contact our client service team by tapping on the support icon in the Rummy OP app lobby.

About us

Rummy OP is India’s leading online rummy gaming app. It is fully owned & nurtured by Alhansat Technologies Private Limited.
Our team uses cutting-edge technology to provide the finest rummy gaming experience to over 2 million gamers on our platform. Through innovation and value-driven strategy, we have inspired a generation of rummy gamers to challenge themselves in the skill gaming space. We stand for providing the best-in-class rummy gaming experience to all rummy gamers across the globe.

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